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Dear Regulars,

I am currently freezing my ass off in Milwaukee, America which has turned my thoughts to the UK, where I understand we are now group heating our elderly at heat banks. FFS.

I wanted to let you know about a brilliant event being organised by the lovely Steve Miller from Sky’s 'Fat Families’. We are teaming up to run ‘For Frock’s Sake’ on 11 November at a sparkly venue in Birmingham and we would love you to come along.

We’re kicking off at 7.30pm with wine and laughter, Steve is sharing his wisdom on how to slim down and build supreme self esteem and I will be on hand with behind the scenes stories from My Fat Story and of course my stand up from the road. If you know anything of me by now, you will know this mostly involves you laughing at my misfortunes.

Most of all, we want everyone to be together, to be reminded you are not alone and that together we are one big happy family of people who really do just want the very best for each other.

Ticket cost £22.50 and can be found here:

We know things can feel very dark at times. Steve and I want you to join us as we bring the light.

I so hope you can join us and look forward to giving out hugs and pics on the night.

Katie xx

PS, If you are outside the UK and received this email I apologise; we are doing our best to segment our mailing groups but it's not quite as sophisticated as we would like yet.

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Love you, but gas is far to expensive to drive from OC CA. to Alabama… oh, the UK city Birmingham. PS : If Boris takes over after the Billionaire falters, can you Please tell him to find a hat to wear Permanently!


Thanks for the invite, Katie!! Have a blast ! Wish Donna and I could make it......


Keep up the great messages, ever thought of doing gig in Gibraltar.

Best wishes B😎

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