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Together we can overcome

Dear Regulars

How is your 2023 so far?

I tend to think January was only invented to test just how much people really wanted to make it into the new year, like an extra high obstacle so only the fittest and most determined of us make it through to Spring. Here in the UK, not only must we fumble our way through perpetual darkness, but we are rained and snowed on whilst being charged £6 for 10 eggs and £8 for a block of cheese.

However, here at the Katie’s Arms we are made of tougher stuff, and I think many of us have worked out that the more uncomfortable it gets, or the more difficult our lives are made to be, the more we are bloody well determined to make it through to the other side.

The pub is growing — in notoriety and number and gaining itself quite the reputation. As you might know, YouTube are so cross that we are all having a lovely time laughing at the madness, that they have age restricted the pub and everyone has to show their ID to get in, and agree to be shown inappropriate content. They tell me The Katie’s Arms features nudity and sexually suggestive scenes.

Truly, I never thought an old bat in a t-shirt laughing at her many body issues would be sexually suggestive. But I am clearly way hotter than I give myself credit for. I am surprised I haven’t melted a few of my cheap polyester tops from ASOS.

Perhaps we will take the pub to OnlyFans as a back up?

You and the rest of the regulars are LITERALLY making change happen. The Live Laugh Love Tour was in jeopardy as you know. A co-ordinated effort was made by a noisy few to force all venues to cancel.

But because of you and because you all rallied to the rescue, supporting the venues, putting comments online and buying tickets, a handful of hardy venue owners and managers have held firm and we are turning the oil tanker around.

People will be free to make their own decisions about how and where they spend their time. And you know, it is overwhelming for my heart to have all your support and I simply cannot wait for us all to be together. We are winning,

Stamford has sold out — thank you

May 31 The Gatehouse, Stafford. Last few tickets remaining:

May 13 The Pier, Blackpool:

May 6 Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex (1m from Lakeside and the M25 Dartford Crossing):

I have two immediate targets in my crosshairs:

  • The first is the ridiculous vaccine mandate that remains in place for PureBloods wanting to go to the USA. America stands alone in its idiocy on the state injectable and I am continuing a very public effort across the pond to try and have this mandate overturned. Our freedom is not Biden's to take away.

  • The second is to continue to work to force conversations on excess deaths in the UK.

In the days of the court, only the joker could speak truth to the King. This helps explain why I persist with my approach of laughing our way to the truth. It is proving harder for the censors to shut me down. Though we fight that battle every day.

Most importantly I wanted to remind you of a few things:

  1. That January is officially terrible. If you are feeling that you have had enough of 2023 already hang on in there. As soon as we see a daffodil we know things are going to get better. And some of you may remember me comparing my womanly bits to a battered daffodil on Celebrity Big Brother. Look for the daffodils and think of me.

  2. that together we can overcome. The Live Laugh Love dates are proof of that, and proof that when we stand together were are more powerful than they. I am reminded of the NHS 100,000 who walked right to the cliff edge and forced the government to back down.

  3. We can see the direction of travel that we are supposed moving in; restrictions, regulations, cameras, digital currency, carbon credits, and social credit too. But all of these things underestimate the power and importance of being human. Humans need other humans to survive. We recharge each other. And we fizz about when we are together.

The more we gather, the more human we are, the stronger and longer we prevail. We will Live, Laugh and Love together. And we will win.

Hang on in there, my lovelies.

See you at the Katie’s Arms.

Katie xx

For updates on my UK dates and venues:

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