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Offity Piss

We are busily working on the development for Katie’s first selection of Official merchandising and hope to have the first items available for you to purchase by the end of July.

For now we wanted to share with you some thoughts on direction and ethos that we would love to hear your feedback on.

Firstly, why has Katie decided to offer Merchandised products?

Following her highly successful shows in Blackpool, with Alex, we realised that supporters love the opportunity to physically show their support be it overtly or subliminally.

Unfortunately, thanks to cancel culture, Katie does not process the commercial platforms to produce and sell products in large quantities,.. so this is most definitely not a money making exercise. It’s about belonging and family.

To this end we have an important question for you: Price or Quality? For example, we can do an entry level T Shirt for c.£10.00 or a premium [100% combed cotton, fitted shape] which come in closer to c.£20

For Katie’s launch range we are focusing on her much used and loved phrase “Offity Piss” and very much hope you like the look of the mood board we have created.

We‘re exploring a Red, White and Blue colour scheme (can’t imagine why) and have already sourced some really exciting products to share with you all.


Katie has so many memorable quotes and acerbic lines we could not resist the idea of producing a provocative range of Greeting Cards. For example, New Birth Card: “Ginger Babies, like normal babies, just harder to love”.

We’d love to hear any ideas you have as we’re keen to keep adding to this collection.

And finally, for now, we have an idea to help sponsor Katie’s live shows; something that we hope will enable her to reach more of you in person through 2023. Black Badge will be a very limited release containing selected items on premium materials in black. Pricing / Products / Quantity all still very much up for debate.

Thank you so much for reading this update. More to follow.

God bless. M

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My T arrived today, love it, Thank you Katie


That's a great idea Vivien, and one we are working on. In an ideal world we would like to make these complimentary. We have a few more lines coming onto the site shortly but this is definately something we'd want to have live ahead of Christmas. God bless. M


What about a sticker for the car rear window/bumper sticker ? love all the merchandise, love Katie x


Candi Smith
Candi Smith
Jul 23, 2022

Loving the merch .. Personally i go for quality over price .. Think 80's band tees vs primark leggings .. Can you really put a price on representing your cult ? ..


Am a friend in Gainesville, Florida. Offity piss Is definitely a winner in our Katie circles. Please pursue and make available for Xmas

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