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Llanelli and Blackpool Events

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

To all those in the Katie's Arms

FBI Agent Slightly Camp here: Good news!

Despite the energy companies trying to charge you half your annual income for basic power supply and the imminent threat of arrest for daring to use the water supply you pay through the noise for, there is good news.

I will be back on the road with Alex Belfield helping us laugh together at the madness for two big UK dates:

20 August: Llanelli, that's in Welsh Wales: £23

10 September: North Pier, Blackpool: £25

I promise you three things: you will laugh, hard. You will sit amongst people who just want you to be as happy as you can be, and you will leave feeling better.

I will also be with you after the performance for pics, hugs and book signings and to thank you for all your brilliant support. You light my path and lead the way.

You are not alone. We are many, and we are stronger together.

I so look forward to seeing you,

Katie Hopkins

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