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Katie's Arms News March 2023

Dear Regulars

My battered daffodil

Drink up! It’s nearly Spring….and thank heavens for that.

Anyone else out there who really suffer from lack of sunlight through seven months of perpetual darkness punctuated briefly with the occasional glimpse of grey, you have my every sympathy.

But Spring is definitely Springing. I can see the shoots on my plants that have miraculously not been killed off by the winter we just endured. And there are daffodils in the hedges and the shops.

Many of you die-hard Hopkins supporters will know that daffodils are absolutely my favourite flower: cheap, cheerful and easy. Jut like my good self.

In fact all of you hardened drinkers will know I have been known to compare my lady-parts to a battered daffodil….namely on Celebrity Big Brother… which was almost enough to put Katie Price off her breakfast.

I wanted to drop you all a line to say hello and to chat about some of the stuff we have coming up, and thoughts I wanted to share.

A Thank you

As ever you are all a wonder — and absolutely light my path. Our numbers are swelling fast as more and more want to be part of something that is both uplifting and, most of all, built on kindness. We simply want everyone to live their lives just about as free as it is possible to be. And to be as happy as they can being doing it. Whatever it may be; Hard drugs, rock and roll, too much Merlot, religion, no religion, ice skating naked, identifying as a squid, swimming in the freezing sea, living in a van..whatever it is that makes you happy.

Live Laugh Love

The Live Laugh Love Tour is my main project for the year and I cannot wait to see you all somewhere on the road. The big months are May and October and the big event is Blackpool.

Lovely Mark and I really want to make Blackpool an annual get together for all the Katie’s Arms Regulars and our friends. If you are coming this year on May 13 or October 14th you will be surrounded by the best of us and that really is something to look forward to.

If you’d like to join us, we’d love you to be part of this magical thing. The link is here:

Live Laugh Love is much more than a Stand Up Show. It is also ‘turning the oil tanker’ for the freedom to speak and be supported in speaking out and AGAINST censorship and cancellation.


You will know I don’t pick easy battles and this is no exception. Formal venues are quickly put under pressure to cancel by a handful of idiots, and many do. Our original list of 30 venues quickly fell away to just 5 — despite massive ticket sales and petitions supporting the show.

Southampton just caved and are fully refunding ticket holders.

You can imagine how frustrating and upsetting this is for all of us. Most performers struggle for ticket sales. We can sell out in record time — and yet still venues prioritise the views of a couple of noisy fools who were never intending to come along. All we are asking for is the freedom for people to choose.

As the Joe Longthorne Theatre, Blackpool says ‘How about this? If you want to hear Katie, buy a ticket. If you don’t want to hear her, don’t’.

Even though the Southampton cancellation is way out of my control, please know that I am so sorry. I will never cancel an event. I will never let ticket holders down.


But we will not stay down! One thing this life of mine has made me certain of is that when you are knocked to the canvas, or take a punch to the gut, all you have to do is get back up. If you keep getting back up, good things will come.

And so they do.

As Southampton caved, I received a lovely call from a supporter with a venue in London. We will be adding London dates to the schedule very soon.

And across the country, from Dundee to deepest Cornwall, our brilliant family are gathering. You want to be together and we are making it happen. Sold-out in Bristol, Bournemouth, Buxton, Stamford…and a handful of tickets left for Stafford. You are, once again, turning the oil tanker. Together we will brush ourselves off and get back up. After the last three years of madness, we are stronger than ever.

And finally ….

Burst into Spring like a Spaniel on Adderall:

  • Buy yourself daffodils and put them wherever you will see them most

  • Look at the plants trying to burst into life — if they can do it so can you

  • Find the fun. Nothing p*sses off the misery guts more than your laughter.

See you at the Katie’s Arms on Thursday 9th March (a day early as I am on the road on Friday)

Thank you so much for lighting my path.

To your very good health….

Katie Hopkins

NB, This months newsletter placeholder is an original artwork by Katie. We welcome suggestions for future designs from our wonderful supporters.

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Alison Grant
Alison Grant
Mar 30, 2023

I'm so disappointed the Whitehall Theatre cancelled your performance in Dundee. We were really looking forward to your show. 😢


Sorry to see Dundee has cancelled Katie. One such noisy fool instrumental in getting gig cancelled was Maggie Chapman MSP (Green 🤢) - other achievements include pushing for 8 yr olds to be allowed to change gender in schools without parental consent.


Barry Macpherson
Barry Macpherson
Mar 26, 2023

Love your words, people in the media make out you're this and that but you're simply one of the most genuinely honest people I've ever heard and that's hard to come by in this world just now. I've tried to sign up to your emails but the button seems to not be working the words look scratched strangely. Hope it's just my phone or a little Internet moment but I'll try again


Brilliant news, Just got tickets for The Wirral, September is far to long to wait so might even pop over to Blackpool in May


Mavis Kemsley
Mavis Kemsley
Mar 21, 2023

Hello Katie I heard you mention Sittingbourne Kent as one of your future bookings. Can you tell me when and how I can get a booking please. Regards Mavis Kemsley

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