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Thank you

Dear Regulars

Something quite unbelievable has happened.

I have decided to stop talking AT everyone for a bit. I know, it seems improbable. And Lovely Mark is suspicious he might just get talked at MORE than usual, which is a lot. But we are taking a quick break with the family to stop for a bit, and sit by the sea. Fear not, this is not some kind of wellness retreat. I will be drinking — quite possibly more than usual.

Please could we let you know that any orders to the shop at will be fulfilled as soon we get back and we’ll catch up on all your emails once we get back.

But there were a couple of things we both wanted to say before I try and mop the floors and put bleach in the toilets.

Firstly, thank you: to everyone who has been part of LIVE LAUGH LOVE on the road across the UK this Spring; to the venues that held, to the Stand In The Park organisers who brought their crowds; to the strong men and women determined to give poeple a place to gather and feel better together.

Whether you helped make the event happen, or bought a ticket and came along — thank you so very much. LIVE LAUGH LOVE was pure joy. And we cant wait to bring a brand new show to you all in the Autumn. Dates for Babbacombe, Blackpool and Port Talbot are available now and selling strongly. The Wirral is SOLD OUT. And we will be adding many more exciting new venues when we are back in action after our short break.

Secondly, to everyone who shares a laugh with us — laughing at or with me, sharing my videos on different platforms or with friends, or giggles privately to themselves because no one else in the family approves — you are a vital part of this success story, helping our team to be lifted up and hopeful for the future, no matter how dark it gets.

If you are true to yourself, AND you can keep a sense of humour, you are unstoppable. Go you good things go.

I am off to find my razor. I don’t want to scare the locals.

Back with you June 28th

Katie and Lovely Mark

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Amanda Coleman
Amanda Coleman
Sep 10, 2023

Please come to Hereford Katie x


Aug 03, 2023

Hi, I hope you will be able to come back to Sittingbourne, unless the devils have stopped you. Otherwise possibly on Sheppey as most of us are awake there. and you’d get a big welcome.


Enjoy your break, we all need to recharge our batteries.

Looking forward to the Wirral show but for now Live, Laugh, Love and......Relax


Jun 18, 2023

Good to hear. We all need a break every now and then...even superwomen! Enjoy.


Here’s wishing you and your family a lovely holiday. Everyone deserves a little R&R.♥️

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