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Laugh with your family on the Pier

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Blackpool 10 September.

Just a quick note form me to thank you so much for being part of Katie's Arms: watching LIVE, catching up online or signing up here at the site. Thank you.

We are growing fast, popping up all across the globe to share a wave or a laugh. Or to let each other know that wherever we are, we are not alone. We are many and we are stronger together.

For many of us, the last few years have been such a punishing time — called names, excluded by family, forced out by friends, or forced out of the job you were good at and loved. It has been brutal.

But despite this cruelty, we have not lost heart. We have popped our heads up above ground again, like meerkats on Merlot, and raised a glass to ourselves and each other.

Every day we prevail is another day we win. And no matter how different we are, no matter whether we agree or not, we understand that all we really want is the very best for each other. We just want everyone to be OK and if we can share a laugh to lift our day, so much the better.

But things are different now. You belong to this dodgy family where you can be exactly what you want to be. And you have everyone at the Katie's Arms reaching out to grab you by the collar and yank you back up. We cheer each other on and we laugh at the madness together.

I look forward to seeing you all on the road.

Katie xx

PS: Come join your gang in Blackpool this coming weekend. Remind yourself what it is like to be surrounded by your own.

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