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Katie’s Arms News April 2023

Dear Regulars

Its feels like a little while since we had a chat in writing here at the Katie’s Arms so here goes.

Our LIVE at 8pm on a Friday continues to grow at speed and it is beyond brilliant to see everyone rocking up from all over the world to sit together for a moment over a drink and have a laugh.

Mumsie continues to join us, despite my protests, and I fear she has learned more about bits of me and parts of my life I’d rather she didn’t. She tells me she joins just to check I am looking ‘OK’ and ‘eating enough’. The cheek of it!

Lovely Mark is manning the pub like a landlord on prozac — if he’s not sorting tickets or venues, he’s mailing out orders from the store. He’s just working on our new PureBlood badges which will look something like this.

He is a little legend and a big part of our life on the road. You will meet him if you are coming along to any of our events — he’s the furry faced one. (I have to keep on top of my beard these days).

I’ve been lucky enough to be given the 9am (UK time) slot weekdays at TNT radio which has been a real blessing. I like to think of it as pirate radio, a new Radio Caroline, except it’s now free speech that is Rock and Roll.

I am having a lovely time blasting through the news I think matters everyday, calling out the nonsense and finding the fun amongst the endless torrent of bad news that is pumped into people’s homes by the MSM. I like to think it’s a bit like pub nights on Friday — but the daytime / PG version. If you’d like to join the conversation — here’s the link:

Our side really is looking resplendent at the moment. I met so many of you running the Manchester Marathon last week — and it was both brilliant and bizarre to pop alongside runners listening to a podcast of me chatting away, or a lovely man and his son coming along to one of the shows.

Manchester really does feel like the People’s Marathon and I cannot wait to go back to the city and spend time there. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me a little cheer or fed me jelly-babies, or looked away whilst I had a wee.

I ran in a top Lovely Mark made for us with DIED SUDDENLY across it, in the colours of The British Heart Foundation. The BHF were one of the main charity partners of the race and as yet refuse to have a conversation about the huge numbers who have DIED SUDDENLY.

I wanted to show my support for the partner of Lisa Shaw and the 75 others who lost their loved ones to the state injectable and are now taking their case against Astro Zeneca to the court simply to try and have their voices heard. I want to keep cheering them on.

If you would like the top that I wore to run the marathon please do email with the words “I WANT THAT TOP” in the subject line. We will pick one name from a hat and send it out to you. It is small but stretchy and will look much better on a great pair of boobs! I am built like a house brick on cocktail sticks.

This little list at the end of the email are just some of the events we have coming up. I thought it might be helpful to have them here and you can quickly scan for one near you. If I can just highlight a couple of things:

  • Amazing Blackpool Promotions have come up with a hotel package just for us and to support our family on the road. They are a brilliant company and I cannot say enough lovely things about them. Also, the boss is a hottie.

  • Purfleet is going to be epic. It’s cabaret style seating, there is a singing compare who is ex military and the venue have been bold and brilliant in their support. I love them dearly.

  • Stafford and Bedford events both came about by local people’s REFUSAL to accept the show being cancelled. It is very emotional for me to know we are all fighting back together. Please do come if you can. So many lovely ladies come alone — and always say they felt completely at home the moment they walked in the door. And it is 100% true.

But more important than any of this and the real reason I wanted to write to you today.

Our world is being changed as we are trying to live it in. The powerful few are moving the ground under our feet and chomping away at everything we thought we could rely upon, or were certain of. Uncertainty is their goal. And it is being driven in deep.

Some reach out to the government for help, others head for the arms of Big Brother to make everything ok. They are lost.

But many more are reaching to each other to remind ourselves of the old ways; the things we are proud of; the stuff that makes us laugh together; and, all the good bits in between that make life worthwhile.

Katie’s Arms; Live Laugh Love;.. these are a celebration of what you are doing. You are not alone, we are many and we are stronger together.

The powerful few think their plans for a new order are in the bag. But many of us know different. We are standing up for others, to have the freedom to live their lives, just as happy as they can be. We are not giving these freedoms away.

As our great Texan family would say, those fools will have to ‘Come and take it’.

Onwards friends. I cannot wait to see you on the road.

Katie Hopkins xx

List of shows and helpful info:

Blackpool Shows 13 May / 14 Oct

And accommodation package from Blackpool Promotions

Two Nights Dinner, Bed and Breakfast £150pp using code HOPKINS_BP plus JLT ticket booking ref.

Choose from any of four hotels.

Stafford replacement Show

Wednesday 31 May

Venue is just north of Nuneaton

Tickets available at:

Bedford replacement Show

North End Social Club, Central Bedford

Tickets available at:

Circus Tavern Purfleet

Caberet with Singer and Compare Gary Driscoll

Last few tickets remaining

The Wirral 2 by popular demand

Saturday 16 September

Tickets available at:

Save the date

Blackpool 2024

7, 8 and 9 June

SOLD OUT events are not listed here.

A full list of Katie's advertised events can be seen here:

Tickets for all Katie's Arms events will be sent out at least two weeks prior to the event.

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12 comentarios

27 abr 2023

Any plans to tour the USA, especially Texas?!!! PLEASE!!!!! "Come & Take It," Katie!

Me gusta

I wish you could get closer to the Durham area

Me gusta

When are you coming back to the US? Please come to northeastern Pennsylvania when you do! I just submitted you on the request-an-act page at

Me gusta

David Robinson
David Robinson
20 abr 2023

Hi Katie, after much lovely back and forth correspondence with Alex B. suddenly.... silence from him..... Any news please. David R x

Me gusta

Somerset, Katie - anywhere in Somerset.

We'd LOVE to see you!!!!

Hugs and thingies, Edward

Me gusta
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