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Katie Hopkins USA Tour: Dates and Links

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Come and join me on the road as I help lift up our side ahead of the mid-terms.

I may be a foreigner and an outsider. You may have chased our British behinds out of your great country once TWICE before. But I am here to respectfully remind you, you ARE and you REMAIN the greatest nation on the face of planet earth.

My country is falling fast. British people will not have the right to own a car, or take a commercial flight within five years. Ordinary British people can no longer afford to live in the country of their birth and many will spend this winter in shared 'heat banks' being fed by 'food banks'.

But when the darkness comes close, the light shines brighter. And our side wakes from its slumber, we are stronger than ever before. Whatever side of the pond you hail from, you are not alone. We are many and we are stronger together.

I cannot wait to be with you all.

Thank you for all you in our shared fight for freedom.

Katie Hopkins



*indicates a stand up & filter-free event.



15 San Fran

Republican Club of San Francisco at the Italian Athletics Club

17 Sacramento SOLD OUT

Nevada County GOP. Supporting Future Congressman Kevin Kiley

18: Lincoln*

Katie Hopkins STAND UP: Laugh AT the madness

19 Yuba

Yuba County Republican Central Committee

Dinner and laughter at the Palmer Hall

20 Sonoma

Sonoma Republicans. Venue: Jacuzzi Winery and Olive Press

Dinner and event tickets are $125.00. Contact

22 Newport SOLD OUT

Newport Harbour Republican Women

Lunch event at yacht club.

23 Pasadena*

Stand up for America

30 San Diego*

Stand Up on Coronado Island

Beauty and The Bitch


5 Orlando, The Villages SOLD OUT

Republican Woman of The Villages


8 Canton

Unite Conference

9 Alpharetta SOLD OUT

Georgia Warriors Patriot Comedy Night

14 Wisconsin SOLD OUT

Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women

Westmoor Country Club, Brookfield

17 - 20 October: On the road across the USA

For enquiries / hosting:

21-22 Pennsylvania Clay Clark

Katie is featured speaker on 22

23 New York

Eric Metaxas show

24 New York

A Love Note From Across The Pond

New York Young Republican Club

*indicates a stand up & filter-free event.

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Katie no doubt you will read this if im lucky but I hope you do. This is my only attempt which will probably not be needed anyway, but ill give myself a chance of stating my, up to know 3, 4 year stance with an intention of maybe getting a job. Yes sounds desperate and maybe I am lol, but I think I'll come in handy I hope. This is my credentials and their totally platonic okies. I'm from Tower, Blackpool and when or if you need a trustworthy, solid, and perfect acquisition to your team please know that even though im probably way down the queue, im 51, clean licensee, I know all this shitshow that's occurring, popcorn 🍿…

Dan Lauffer
Dan Lauffer
Dec 05, 2023
Replying to

Do you have a list of speaking engagements in the US for 2024?

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