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A laugh-out-loud diary from this woman we love to hate, TRUE is Katie at her most entertaining as she shares her struggles just trying to make it through another year.

On these pages, filled with wit and wisdom, you’ll hear Katie’s voice as she unashamedly overshares and spills all her secrets.


Woven from stories in the news and from the road and her personal life, TRUE reflects us all when we are at our most unpretentious, ordinary and vulnerable – when we are most true to ourselves.


Whether she’s describing her ‘lazy scissors’ sex life, the size of her Christmas turkey or the relentless frustration of booking a venue for her stand-up gigs, nothing is too private, too big or too small to be shared. Trivial, hilarious or harrowing, it’s all TRUE.




January - Smart parenting is the avoidance of your own children    

February - Shaving your balls does make your member look bigger

March - DTF?

April - Maggoty arses and graffitied vaginas

May - Lovely Mark and big boobies in the wine aisle

June - Which comes first, the twat or the money?

July - Black sunshine and weather girls like wildebeests

August - The ten MOST WANTED

September - Young, attractive men do not like to be asked if they are deaf

October - Grinding one out on the beach

November - Dad’s DNR

December - Keeping the peace



Limited Edition 218 page hardback with glossy wrap.

TRUE by Kate Hopkins, Hardback



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