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The Black Pack is our response to those that constantly ask "How does Katie do it, how can we help?".


Katie loves to bring people together and share her own unique brand of positivety but, without a recognised platform, this is hard to fund.


The Black Pack is a strictly Limited Edition of our popular product in... surprise, surprise... Black. Plus lots of added extras which we hope help to reward the massive support and faith you will have demonstrated.


The Black Pack includes:

Two VIP Tickets to the Live Event* of your choice - including the, soon to be announced 2023 UK Tour and future US engagements.

Signed and dedicated copy of Help.

Personal, handwritten, thank you from Katie.

Black 'Offity Piss' T-Shirt.

Black 'Offity Piss' Baseball Cap.

5 x Black 'Offity Piss' Badges.

10 x Black 'Offity Piss' Greeting Cards.

'Make Better Choices' Tote Bag.

Advance notice of future Katie events and product launches.


We hope this extremely Limited Edition initiative will allow us to fulfil as many Speakeasy event requests as possible and help Katie to reach as many people as posible.


God bless.


*Excludes privately run events.


Black Pack



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