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Katie Hopkins UK Autumn Tour: Pre-Sale

Dear Regulars

PRE-SALE TOUR TICKETS: KATIE HOPKINS INFECTIOUS Thanks so much for signing up to Katie’s Arms. Over 1000 of you have signed up in the last 2 days which just goes to prove you are not alone — no matter what others may say. Lovely Mark and I are thrilled to be releasing these pre-sale tickets for the INFECTIOUS Tour to all our regulars. We are already SOLD OUT in Blackburn, The Wirral, London and Newcastle — because you guys are the best. Thank you. Click here to see all tour dates and grab your tickets:

We are still working on a few extra dates: in Exeter, Basingstoke, Ipswich and Bournemouth and will push these details out to you as soon as we have them. And their are a few others for which ticket release will hopefully be at the end of next week: Wendover, Milton Keynes and the New Forest. Can I give a special to mention to the Blackpool event on the 14 OCTOBER? This is becoming a regular gathering of our TRIBE, and is by far our largest venue and a real highlight in our year. You will be in a beautiful old style theatre with 1200 people who simply want the very best for you, to be as free and as happy as it is possible to be. The truly lovely thing is our regulars take over the pier and the moment you step on it, you feel like you have come home. You will leave with your faith restored and you’ll know that as long as we have each other, there is still hope. The amazing team at Blackpool Promotions have offered special accommodation and travel deals for you, in support of our lovely family. If you want to come, but don’t have anyone to come with, don’t worry about a thing. Our events have the most single tickets sold of any show listed, and yet the moment you rock up you will know you belong. We are a big old puzzle made up of all sorts of pieces, but there is a missing bit with your name on it. Take the plunge. I promise you it will be more than ok. You have my word. When it comes to feeling better together the last tour set the bar pretty high. One lady lost control of her bladder in the front row and was provided with our emergency spare trousers. (We will have these on standby for this tour) And another gentleman, Rob, laughed so hard his leg fell off. (It was a prosthetic limb). But didn’t want to miss the second half so he wedged it back on with some dodgy cardboard so he could stay with our audience and keep on laughing. He got an ovation from the crowd. Most events are being sold via the Katie's Arms website but most of the recognised theatres sell directly from their own sites: Blackpool, Blackburn (Sold Out), Swindon and Torquay (Limited tickets remaining). It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe or what others call you. You have a home with us on the road. Come, join your family, and feel better. I cannot wait to see you there. Lots of love Katie Hopkins xx

INFECTIOUS UK Autumn Tour Itinerary


7 Stroud - details to follow

13 Isle of Man

15 The Wirral - Sold Out

16 The Wirral - Sold Out

23 Leicester

27 Lincoln

28 Rotherham


11 St Helens - details to follow

14 Blackpool

15 Blackburn - Sold Out

18 Wendover - details to follow

19 London - Sold Out

20 Milton Keynes - details to follow

?? Ipswich - details to follow

26 Lyndhurst - details to follow

27 Bournemouth? - details to follow

28 HOPE Sussex, Battle


1 Swindon

4 Torquay

?? Basingstoke - details to follow

11 USA - details to follow

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Come to Swansea!

We have the Grand Theatre and the new Swansea Arena and we would love to have you (and your common sense) in Swansea


Basingstoke? Where, where? Very curious.


How about Bristol, Katie?


Elaine M Todd
Elaine M Todd

Is there any chance of you doing a show in Liverpool Katie??


Katie, please please please come to Canada!!

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